Searching for potential

Who within your department can successfully handle a managerial position? Where to find future company’s leaders? Who has the talent and an ambition for managerial positions, which we are going to be need in the future? We can help you with finding these people inside your company and with preparing talent management programmes.

An excellent tool for deciding in situations

Is the employee ready for a career growth, can he/she take over a managerial role?
Which of the 2 candidates is more suitable for a director’s position?
Are our impressions from the interview correct, does the candidate really have the needed competencies?


Within managerial competence audits we’ll focus on a practical verification of the key competencies. We’ll use tools such as psychodiagnostics, case studies, argumentative training, role playing, presentations etc. We always tailor the managerial competence audits according to your company’s needs and the concrete situation.

The output

The output is a clear recommendation for your decision including evaluation of relevant strengths and development needs. We’ll provide a feedback and a written report.

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