Our brief history

1975 – Christina Hill and Dr. Othmar Hill established the company

1977 – Franz Hill enters the company

1980 – Dr. Othmar Hill establishes the franchise network HILL International

1988 – Hill GmbH establishment

1992 – Hill Poland establishment

1993 – Hill Czech & Slovak Republic establishment

1994 – Dr. Othmar Hill sells his share of the company to Dr. Klaus Woltron

1994 – Name change to Hill Woltron Management Partner GmbH

1994 – Hill und Partner GmbH establishment

1995 – the leadership of the company is taken over by Franz Hill, the majority shareholder in Hill Czech & Slovak Republic and Hill Poland

2001 – Roswitha Hill-Feichtl enters the company

2007 – Hill Deutschland Management Beratung establishment

2014 – Hill Talent Central Europe (focuses on development programmes) establishment

2018 – separation of Hill Woltron from HILL International

2018 – Hill Salzburg GmbH establishment


Currently you can find us:

Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Munich, Wiesbaden, Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw