Online psychodiagnostics, psychometric methods

Do you need to support your intuition with some objective tools? Do you have a final candidate and more information would help your decision? Or do you have an employee within your team, who you need to analyze? We have for you several personal questionnaires and performance tests, which will make your decision easier.

You’ll get information about the personality of the evaluated person from the perspective of job requirements, resistance to stress, managerial style, preferences and much more.

In our team we have psychologists experienced in business psychology and psychodiagnosticks. We can offer these psychodiagnostic tools and we’ll gladly help you with their selection:

  • BIP – Bochum’s personalilty questionnaire
  • GPOP – Personality typology questionnaire
  • HPI – Hogan’s personal questionnaire
  • HDS – Hogan’s development test
  • MPVI – An inventory of motives, values and preferences
  • WPA – Viennese potential analysis

The results will easemake the selection of new employees and their adaptation to the company’s culture much easier. It will help to reveal the hidden potential of your current employees and prevent their premature departure. Furthermore it will help with the overall well-being of the company.

All personal questionnaires are available in czech as well as in other languages.


An excellent tool

Psychodiagnostic will help you to objectivize your subjective impressions about strengths and potential risks of the internal employees, who you want to promote or external applicants, who you want to hire.


We’ll prepare a tailored testing tool, where we’ll focus on skills, personal characteristics and dispositions needed for the position and possibly the potential of the candidate for future growth & development.


It’ll contribute to the confirmation / falsification of your impressions about an internal/external candidate. The benefit for the candidate is the feedback, which is provided by our business psychologists. Our work is professional, ethical and fair. We contribute to building a good reputation of your company on the labour market

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