How to write an excellent CV

I want to know more- how to write an excellent CV?
A good CV represents you therefore an effort should be put into his processing. Below you’ll find some tips, how to prepare CV.



  • Use a structured form. You can find many examples on the internet.
  • State only truthful information.
  • State your contacts.
  • As your permanent address state, where you live now. For example, if you’re applying for a job in Brno and you state your permanent address in České Budějovice it might be confusing. You will ease the understanding if you state your current address.
  • Avoid any mistakes and misspelling.
  • State your job experiences from the newest to the oldest.
  • Other good tips:
    • Adapt each CV to the exact job position, to its description (What does the employer wants to find in your CV? Avoid the irrelevant information)
    • Don’t use showy adjustments (e.g. comic sans font) or excessive graphics
    • Attach a professional photo (e.g. in a shirt, suit or a jacket), don’t use your personal photos for example, from a vacation.
    • Try to achieve a clear, simple and united CV with the usage of modern programmes
    • State enough information (name of the position, main achievements, competencies, responsibilities)
    • Use general formats (pdf, rtf or doc)