Development Centre

Development centre is an excellent tool for discovering a potential within a team and talents, identification of developing needs and measuring skills of the participants.

Our team of psychologists, who have experiences with the preparation and the realization of development centre on international level, can prepare a design of the development centre according to your company’s needs.

Our development centre is always tailored:

  • Transparent, objective, development potential by itself for the participants
  • It identifies and measures the monitored competencies of the participants
  • The performance as well as the preparedness can both be measured mutually
  • Based on the results of the development centre, individual and/or group developing plans can be prepared
  • It is a great prerequisite for integrating a talent into management programs


When to use the DC?

DC is a modern effective technique for the needs of developing current employees and for creating individual developing plans. The output of the DC is the verification of skills and recommendations for further development of your talent.

How does it work?

During the individual/group tailored DC, participants undergo several tasks and/or hypothetical situations. Results are put into a final report and participants receive an individual feedback.

The benefit for you?

Gaining reliable information about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees. You will know for certain, where to concentrate further developing activities.


Bayer’s client reference

We cooperate with Hill third year now on a realization of DC for our future leaders, which take place in middle Europe (CZ, SK, PL and HU). The consultants and Hill psychologists are excellent experts, they are our partners in organizing these development programmes and the provided services are always tailored according to our needs. We also appreciate their human and responsible client’s approach. The Hill consultants can provide a relevant feedback to our employees from the DC and within this feedback we collectively adjust further development.

Silvie Konare, Head of HR CZ/SK, Bayer

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