Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre serves to measure potential and reveal the capabilities of the evaluated candidate and helps to identify the areas, in which further development is needed. Assessment Center is the gateway to using personal potential.

Our advantage is, that HILL consultants are mostly psychologists and they have experiences with tailoring AC in an international environment.

We are professionals in providing feedback and recommending further development. We stand behind our opinions and evaluations.

For what to use AC?

Assessment Centre is a modern complex method for an employee selection. It brings reliable and relevant information about the candidate’s strengths and developmental areas in a short time period.

How is the process?

We always prepare tailor-made AC according your needs. AC is realized individually or in groups. Based on observations of our experienced assessors and psychologists, we prepare a report summarizing the strengths and developmental aspects. We provide feedback to your candidates.

The benefits for you?

You’ll get a complex picture of the candidate’s strengths and potential risks. It provides an opportunity to compare the candidates. The results will help you to effectively set the adaptation process. Assessment centre is a fair method of selecting employees.

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