Analysis of development needs of sales teams

Every company has its goals. It depends on uniqueness, quality and marketing of a product (service). But the key to a success is your sales team. How it sells and represents your product, which skills and prerequisites does it have. How is it enthusiastic? How to improve their performance? We can advise you.

Situations for skill audits

Is my sales team prepared for some changes on the market?
Can my sales representatives do everything, that is needed for success?
Can I somehow improve our results, support them in their work?
Which selling skills are they missing?
In what can they improve?

Analysis of selling skills and prerequisites

We tailor the skill analysis according to your company and field. We use psychodiagnostics, interviews and role playing. The output is a SWOT analysis of your sales team.

Further steps- development of selling skills

Based on our evaluation we’ll recommend you a concrete programme for your teams or individuals. The result is a greater seller motivation and achieving higher and/or more qualitative selling figures.

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