About us

Haven’t you heard about us or you don’t know much about our company? Then we would like to introduce ourselves. Hill Woltron is a human resource company, which is occupied with HR consulting. We’re enthusiastic consultants, who gladly work with people. We have been on the market for 40 years and we have enough experience. But don’t worry we aren’t out of shape.

We continue to move forward with our clients.

Our philosophy

We believe, that people, who fully develop their potential on a right place can change an organisation and even a company. Each person, a team or a company is unique and has a lot to offer.
We want to help to discover and develop this potential and find a correct area for development. That’s what we’re interested in and why we do, what we do.
Humanistic approach and methodology are typical for us. We go as deep as it’s possible. We use psychological tools that tighten up people and lead to an effective cooperation.

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Employees found by us stay on average 7 years in the company

David Petrů, Managing Director CZ + SK

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