360° feedback

I want to know more- the 360 degrees feedback method is a highly effective way of evaluating your performance and a team atmosphere.

Evaluating employees with the help of the 360 degrees feedback method provides very detailed and specific information and it can accurately define the strengths and weaknesses of the person. This analysis allows us to produce a program for an individual growth or coaching, which guarantees a HR and/or managerial growth.

We always tailor the judged competencies according to our client’s needs and preferences. Each project is specifically prepared based on the company’s culture and the work system. We also provide solutions.


Advantages of the 360 degrees feedback method:

  • Online
  • Easy to fill over the internet, we guarantee maximal time flexibility for the busy managers & employees
  • Support of the HILL consultants, professional preparation, evaluation and follow-up
  • Pleasant & easy interface and graphics
  • HILL multi-dimensional evaluation of competencies significantly raises the precision and brings a new degree of information compared to the 360 degrees feedback method
  • Tailor made solutions, an option to choose as many judged competencies and their combinations
  • Freely definable categories
  • Clearly structured outputs
  • Professional provision of a HR feedback and an analysis of the results
  • Available consulting through all the stages of this method- from preparing the evaluation to planning the developing programs


Tailored application

Application 360 feedback is tailored according to your needs - your competencies, evaluating range, structure, open questions, logo- everything tailor made. We’ll also prepare the communication in the firm (kick-off)

Feedback provision

The outputs are individual & structured 360 degrees feedback reports. We can analyse the results with the evaluated managers to make sure the feedback is correctly understood.


Individual/corporate development plans

Based on the 360 feedback an individual or corporate development plan is easily prepared.


Reference klienta Hyundai

S realizací 360° hodnocení jsme opakovaně oslovili společnost Hill a oceňujeme individuální přístup a schopnost projekt „ušít na míru“.Rádi budeme spolupracovat i v budoucnu.

Klára Klepáčová, HRM, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech

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360tka je vynikající nástroj! Zpětná vazba je dar, který si v naší kultuře běžně neposkytujeme. Díky konceptu metody 360 stupňů zpětná vazba je jednoduché upřímnou zpětnou vazbu získat. Bez tohoto kroku se jednoduše nelze dále rozvíjet a růst!

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